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Decorative panels that mimics brick with a surprising resemblance to a real brick wall. Different models from modern bricks to ancient ones, worn or British style. Our brick collection introduces fake brick panels which looks absolutely real. These wall brick panels are an excellent option to reflect both a urban or a rustic environment, which can also be used for a studio or office due to their elegance and incredible sight which will provide a sensation of elegance. Brick was formerly the material of choice for construction, and even today is still infilling this sensation of strength and endurance that characterises it.

Old British Brick Panels

SKU: 0016
Various options
  • Old British Brick is available in Red (PR550), White (PR551), White with colour fleck (PR552), Natural with colour fleck (PR553) and Natural (PR554) which are ex-stock, other colours available with a 4 to 6 weeks lead time.