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Synthetic walls that mimic actual building effects or materials such as concrete or cement to create different shapes and textures to decorate homes or commercial spaces. The section of synthetic walls has been designed to make your home a more welcoming place but do not be fooled by the word “synthetic” because it does not mean they are inelegant or with a low visual impact, as these walls are made of a perfect mix of materials such as concrete, stone or cement, which altogether become shapes that will delight in sight and provide various environment sensations depending on the shapes, sizes and styles of the chosen panel.

Encofrado Panels (Cast Concrete)

Concrete Option
  • The new and different casted concrete panel emerges with the purpose of creating an industrial and minimalist look with the appearance of cement and concrete panels. A panel that mimics casted stone is ideal for any environment; it gives an industrial air and completely different look. Easy to install, it is available in three different finishes. Synthetic walls offer a more pleasant home appearance and if you choose Stone Panel’s casted concrete the results are even better. These decorative panels allow having a fairly realistic imitation of natural stone, and therefore they are widely recommended for those of you looking to create a realistic environment in your home. These polyurethane panels offer great versatility so that they can be placed on the walls of a bedroom, in living room walls or virtually any room where you want to have a modern and elegant deco. This casted stone panel is a synthetic coating that can be used as an ideal home or office design. No matter where you really want to use this type of imitation stone panels, because you will always get to have a minimalist modern deco with a touch of industrial look. This type of stone panels mimic casted concrete but within this collection there are other panels that mimic cement or concrete, which means they can be used in any area of any home or office giving it an industrial and modern look. The casted stone panel offers a much defined style features, so it is perfect for those wishing to take home a modern and contemporary deco. Encofrado (PR920).