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Synthetic walls that mimic actual building effects or materials such as concrete or cement to create different shapes and textures to decorate homes or commercial spaces. The section of synthetic walls has been designed to make your home a more welcoming place but do not be fooled by the word “synthetic” because it does not mean they are inelegant or with a low visual impact, as these walls are made of a perfect mix of materials such as concrete, stone or cement, which altogether become shapes that will delight in sight and provide various environment sensations depending on the shapes, sizes and styles of the chosen panel.

Hexagonal Panels

Cavity Block Option: Hexagonal PR960
  • Beyond the paints for the walls and the wallpapers, decorative panels give realism to any finish and add imagination, creativity and infinite possibilities to any decorative project. You must choose the decorative style that best suits to your needs and personality. Our brand new Hexagonal concrete finish might be perfect in this adventure, since it is different but offer lots of possibilities.