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We Are Back!!

Lockdown is Over!! Woo Hoo! : Businesses are back open, but decisions are still taking a while to make, some simply can't be made yet at all, and some aren't being made through caution or uncertainty.

Do you need alternative solutions for your current project or a new solution for your interior project now that things have changed?

Is your project picking up where it left off ?

We know how frustrating it has been since March, and the clarity has been cloudy to say the least in terms of understanding the "New Norm", especially with workplace scenarios. Let us know, are you finding spec's and requests are changing, or having to source alternatives?

Designing a Cafe or Restaurant?

Perhaps your furniture requirements have changed now Post Covid? Perhaps you need an alternative solution, whilst keeping the style, colour, comfort level in the budget you need?

Give us a call, if you don't see what you need on your site : we source to brief.

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