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Home Office Inspiration

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

As interior designers everywhere are bombarded with new briefs for Home Office renovations, we remind you, get the brief right! The client may not require a full WFH set up with desk (even if they think they do) as returning to work could mean splitting time between home and office.

Some stats say the productivity has gone up so much with WFH through Covid-19, that there could be 4 day weeks in future. Maybe a lounging solace from the rest of the house to catch up with the laptop is all the space you need?

Invest in Feature Seating.

It screams out of the picture doesn't it. The classic Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair in Timeless Tan Leather. Make a statement.

Invest in Feature Walls.

The wall panels are from the Vintage range from Panel-Stone. The living wall is a 1m square panel from our accessories. Walls are where it's at now people!

Be Creative.

Play with colour, don't be afraid of it. Look at how that green foliage stands out against the grey concrete. The blue tones pop! The mirror will add light reflection and colour.

Comfort at Home

Cozying up in a corner to catch up on some emails will never feel the same again. WFH Thinking!

But, I Need a Desk.

Try not to compromise, the desk will take command, make sure its a statement piece in itself.

Ergonomic Chair.

It's the only way to go. The range of customisable ergonomic office seating from Kulik is stunnnig.

Make another statement with your office chair, whilst making sure your as comfortable as you need to be in it to work at home. Throw out the current hand me down!

The mood boards represent a bold WFH statement with contemporary styling, each with a blast of green foliage to lighten any wall space. Daring contrasts in feature wall panelling, and yet the spaces are softened and support by the accessories. The visuals are compiled from products available in our store.

Like us to prepare a custom mood board to tease a client out with something different?

Sign up to our community, and contact us about your project, or requirements today.

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